What's wrong with this picture?


Why is Trust an issue to begin with ??
This shouldn't even be an issue. Sadly, it is

A clear violation of the Secret Ballot
Your filled in ballot comes from your address, marrying your identity to your vote

How do you know it's YOUR ballot ??
You don't

If it is, how can you verify it was counted ??
You can't

How is this "tracking" for the voter?? It's not !!
Where's the Voter's Tracking Number? There isn't one !


Election protocols can be broken down into two basic categories: trust-based, or consensus-based. The form provided by today’s so-called “modern” electronic systems are trust based. They require voters to “trust” the vendors and politicians who advocate for them, even though they provide no transparency (instead opting for secrecy, of all things). Even hand counts of unmarked ballots require trust! Like a self-licking ice cream cone, trust protocol advocates operate under clandestine circumstances and are openly hostile to the voting public, should citizens try to verify these systems in any meaningful way. Trust systems are not only highly susceptible to fraud, but they also practically invite it. The current systems used to process voter data are designed to allow data alteration from the ground up. Trust systems have also brought a lot of money into the vote counting process, which is always a bad sign in the public sector. Both major political parties have railed against their use, first the Democrats and now the Republicans. Yet now both parties advocate for their use, in spite of their horrendous outcomes. In many cases, elected officials and government employees appear to be actively colluding to operate in a manner that is against the will of the people. It’s hard to imagine how any citizen could be satisfied with this situation. Finally, they have divided the nation.

In stark contrast, traditional voting protocols follow a consensus model. Nobody is asked to trust anybody else. Instead, processes and protocols are put in place in the exact opposite manner, where a lack of trust is assumed. Instead, traditional election processes verify the accuracy of the vote at every step of the process in a transparent manner and embrace contention by including all interested parties to participate and challenge results along the way. It is a fair process.

EIP is nearly a zero trust protocol (the platinum standard)
Using Mail-in ballots, drop boxes is a full trust protocol
There is no such thing as an election based on trust
Real elections are based on consensus

None of your personal information is being collected, sold or distributed anywhere