Massive fraud has been alleged all over the World - for decades

We live in an age where the mere questioning of the legitimacy of an election is frowned upon by those in power, even in the US. You would think that it is criminal behavior. But that is not only the opposite of the truth, the US Constitution and Colorado law actually explicitly refers to election fraud in its statutes (see C.R.S. 1-1-103 ). which says that, "all eligible electors may be permitted to vote and those who are not eligible electors may be kept from voting in order to prevent fraud and corruption in elections." Like it or not, fraud and corruption are a normal part of all elections - and they always have been.

This gaslighting operation has been in play for a long time, but has only culminated recently with ordinary citizens being detained, arrested and hunted down for not only their vote choices, but even the perception of support for opposing candidates. Given this clearly toxic environment, the propensity for fraudulent election practices has never been higher. Therefore, EIP has a legal and moral responsibility to thwart and report fraudulent behavior anywhere it might occur during an election.

Here are a few of the common processes and activities that constitute vote fraud:

Vote Tabulation / Ballot Count Stoppage

Ballot Stuffing

Dead People Voting

Absentee Voting Fraud / Illegal Ballot Harvesting

Ballot Alteration

Inaccurate Tally

Unconstitutional Court rulings nationwide (Judicial Fraud)

Did any Fraud Actually Occur?

Did Bernie win? Did Trump win? Whether or not you believe any fraud actually occurred is not the issue

The point is that if we’re honest about it, one thing cannot be disputed, and that is the fact that looking back, there is simply no way to tell … either way

How did we get here? Complacency, for sure, but more importantly an unwise reliance on trust rather than verification through consensus

EIP fixes all that by assuring us that if we follow the protocol, fraud can never succeed

Argument over - no more election denial, nor being accused of it is even possible

Can we please move past this and argue about policy instead? With EIP, we can!

What would have been the outcome had EIP been in place?

Vote Tabulation Stoppage : No effect - Take a break!

Ballot Stuffing : No impact is due to election tokens - Stuff away!

Taming a Deceased Electorate : Not possible - Dead people can't confirm ballot receipt!

Absentee Voting Fraud / Illegal Ballot Harvesting - EIP will not process unconfirmed ballots

Ballot Alteration : Impossible - Distributed Ledger is immutable & tamper-proof

Tally Alteration : Cannot occur - Download election & check for yourself!

Judicial Fraud Concerns : Rendered moot - Unnecessary by simply following the protocol

None of your personal information is being collected, sold or distributed anywhere