EIP is an apolitical non-partisan movement

In a perfect world, there would be no political parties. George Wasington famously warned the young nation he resided over against them becoming prevalent in government, but people have short memories. Today in America, they completely run the show - but they don't yet control the elections.

Transparency is legitimacy

  • The basic idea is to maximize transparency and eliminate fraud in every election worldwide

Consensus replaces trust

  • Replace or modify all trust-based election processes and systems with consensus based on zero trust, because
  • There's no such thing as an election based on trust

Machines don't matter

  • Focus on the important thing: the result. Ignore how the result was obtained

Elections require human observation

  • No public sector election can be made entirely electronic without violating the "Secret Ballot"
  • Eyes on. More is better. Consensus can't be achieved unless people from opposing perspectives participate at every gate

None of your information will be sold or distributed elsewhere