Enhancing the Accuracy of Voter Rolls

Those paying attention to election integrity have found that outdated and poorly maintained voter rolls are one of the highest contributors to potential election anomolies. When these stale databases are not kept up-to-date or are filled with inaccurate information, they present an easy breeding ground for both erroneous data and nefarious activity.

The solution here is really simple.

On one hand, you can go through the expensive and error prone time and effort of trying to keep this information up-to-date or you can simply wipe the voter rolls clean first. Or better yet

Eliminate voter rolls altogether and instead require voters to register for every election

This latter action solves the problem nicely and keeps any related costs contained to each election, as it should be rather than spreading these costs over time when the job isn't even getting done. It also keeps the government from storing information about voters (like party affiliation) that is literally none of their business.

This is a no-brainer - you can think of it as "just-in-time" voter registration!


  1. Require voters to register in person for each and every public sector (secret ballot) election
  2. This process can be spread out over time beginning say 90 days prior to an election

None of your personal information is being collected, sold or distributed anywhere